Finding a good offer on a new car can be pretty confusing and can often leave the buyer vulnerable to some sneaky dealer tactics. If your stroll into a dealership with your pants down prepare to get…. Overcharged. Do your research - use the internet. Remember you can still use your second hand vehicle as a bargaining tool for part ex.

If you want to get a good offer on a new car it is important that you play your part and haggle for it. However there is no use in haggling if you do not have the useful knowledge required at your disposal. The less you know the more the dealer (sometimes) will take advantage of you in an attempt to get as much money out of you as possible. So let us supply you with the tools you need to go into the dealership and get the deal that you want, within reason. Don't go in unprepared - if you are looking for a large 4x4, such as a Range Rover Sport, then make sure you find out prices of similar large 4x4s first.

The other pages will show you how you can turn the tables in any showroom you grace, making buying a new car a lot less frustrating and allowing you to make the demands rather than the dealer. Buying a new car can be a gruelling process with a lot of uncertainty and umming and ahhing between different offers. As with most things, the key to making you choice of offer a much easier one is knowledge.

So trade the umming and ahhing factor for knowledge, understanding and conviction.