Step By Step

At NewCarOffer we try to keep our information up to date and as fresh as possible by continually adding articles with tips and hints on how to get the most for your money.

Today we are going to summarise our most recent articles into a series of steps which you can follow to ensure that you receive the best deal you possibly can.

Essentially it is all about taking time and due diligence, whether you are buying a Lamborghini Diablo or a Volkswagen Jetta. You will find that the more effort you put in before you lay down any cash, the more that you will walk away with from a deal.

Firstly you must do your research about the model that you want – let’s say for example that it is a Toyota GT86 you’re most interested in. Search as many sites as you can online, both local and main dealers nationally, to find out a rough idea of what prices they are going at. Obviously there shouldn’t be too much difference from dealer to dealer but the key thing to look at is the particular derivative you want. There can be huge differences between different derivatives depending on what model you are looking at – this all depends on engine sizes and the level of trim you specify, and as such how much equipment is provided with the vehicle. Some models can vary by as much as £10,000 or more.

The next thing to do is look at similar models from other manufacturers, including the deals that they are offering on warranty, to ensure that you are making the right choice and receiving a fair deal. In this case you could research models such as the Lotus Elise or the Mazda MX-5 or the Nissan 350z – all of which are similarly sized sports vehicles.

Moreover, you need to consider how you are going to pay, whether you are going to try and pay in instalments and whether you are going to trade in your current model to fund your new purchase. If the latter is the case then you also need to put in the research hours again to boost your sale.

Say it is a second hand Subaru Outback, you will need to search to see what prices they are being sold for online and then decide the best method for you. That could be selling privately by advertising on the internet or it could be travelling down to your local dealer and asking them how much they will give you.

Once these steps are complete you should be in a solid position to make an offer on the vehicle that you want and be confident that you will receive a favourable deal.