What You Neew To Know

Before you enter a dealership or anyone who is going to try and sell you a car it is important that you are armed with all the information possible which will give you a lot of control and power when negotiating a price or final offer for the car of your choice. Remember there are tips for buying a new car online.

First of all look online to narrow down your list of potential cars to the car you really want, read up on the car and decide what extras you want (if any) so when entering the dealership you look like you know what you’re talking about and know exactly what you want which will put off the dealer from trying to sell you more in the way of extras etc. Also before entering the dealership it is also well worth visiting a website which has a price calculator which can help you get a good idea of how much the dealer has paid for your car including the extras. As well as revealing the original price for the dealer it will also give you the ‘true market value’ which are both useful numbers to have in mind whilst in the negotiating stage, especially if you feel that the dealer is trying to pull a fast one.

Additionally you should always do your research online about the manufacturer brand or the particular car that you want, including derivatives. For example say you are visiting your local Vauxhall garage and you are interested in both the Vauxhall Insignia and the Vauxhall Mokka, you should search both cars online and look at the prices at which local dealers are offering them nationally. A good idea might be to tot up a spreadsheet and work out a rough average, potentially looking at whether area has an effect on price.

A good place to start the negotiations is at the invoice price, for despite what the dealer will tell you, they often get a better deal on the car than the invoice price, they will also probably receive rebates after selling the car so they will still be making profit even if they were to sell to you for the invoice price, it all depends on how much the dealer wants/needs to sell the car. For this reason you are probably best to try buying your car at the end of the month as this is when the dealer might desperately be trying to sell as many cars as possible to fulfil their monthly quota.